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Covid Event Protocol

Working Together to Stay Safe

Updated August 13, 2021


Audacious Arts & Entertainment is committed to keeping entertainers, audiences and venue staff safe.  Safety measures have been in place for the duration of the pandemic and are continuously evolving as we adapt to an ever changing reality. 

Venues, clubs, bars and other establishments now require a vaccine card or proof of negative COVID-19 status within 72 hours in order to gain entry.* 

A mask mandate is also in place for New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Up to date Coronavirus  information for New Orleans can be found at NOLA Ready.

When attending events be prepared for any combination of the following protocols:

- MASKS REQUIRED FOR ALL PATRONS (to be worn at all times)


- PROOF OF NEGATIVE COVID TEST (timelines required vary, from 24 - 72 hours)

* Scroll down for more information

Audacious Arts & Entertainment Staff Safety Measures

- All cast & crew members will be masked or wearing a face shield

- All cast & crew members are vaccinated

- All cast & crew members have a recent negative covid test 

- All cast & crew members practice social distancing where possible

- All cast & crew members practice good sanitation (hand washing, etc.)

- Reduced capacity (limited ticket availability) for social distancing

* Helpful information 

VACCINATION PROOF (along with state photo ID)

- Physical copy (photocopy allowed)

- Screen Shot

- Scanned document on phone

- Vaccine "pass" (some states offer phone apps. Louisiana has LA Wallet that syncs your state ID and vaccine information for ease of vaccine verification)


- Walgreens & CVS provide drive through rapid testing (and the more accurate PCR test with 1-3 day results turnaround)

- Urgent Care Facilities provide testing

- Additional testing locations can be found at NOLA Ready

- Many Pharmacies carry BinaxNOW Antigen rapid tests for use at home. 

- Provide a screen shot, or simply show, your results on your phone at the door, typically found in your patient portal from your testing provider

* Currently, the City of New Orleans specifically requires a negative PCR test. Rapid Antigen tests are not accepted.


Regardless of your personal or political beliefs, please understand that venues and producers are taking strict measures for a variety of reasons.

- We want to ensure our patrons enjoy live entertainment safely

- We want to ensure our cast, crew & venue staff are able to work in a safe environment

- We want to ensure the friends & families of our cast, crew & staff stay healthy

- We want to continue to operate & provide live entertainment for you as we navigate the global pandemic

- There are extremely high rates of infection among nightlife workers, service industry staff, gig workers, entertainers etc.

- Many industry workers do not have health insurance or financial safety nets to fall back on in the event of potential exposure, infection or shut downs 


- Be aware of safety measures prior to attending an event

- Follow safety measures as required

- Help set a good example by wearing your mask over your face & nose at all times (unless actively sipping a drink or taking a bite of food)

- Buy advanced tickets

- Be prepared to tip 

- Consider donating to your entertainers (you may donate to Audacious Arts & Entertainment here)

Thank you for your cooperation & support, stay safe!

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