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New Orleans Burlesque Shows

Enjoy regular burlesque, drag & variety entertainment weekly, bi-weekly & monthly across NOLA

Psychedelic Speakeasy

Immerse yourself in a surreal evening of burlesque and performance art filled with untold delights, vibrant colors, wild sensations and outrageous acts!

Colorful and neon attire is highly encouraged!


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The Vivacious Burlesque

Experience an outrageous evening of electric burlesque entertainment, showstopping circus feats and a dazzling array of variety acts starring world renowned, award winning entertainers, all on the big stage at The Joy Theater.

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Burlesque & Drag with a Bang!

A powerhouse entertainment experience featuring a rotating cast of

award winning burlesque, drag and variety artists that pack a punch!

Last Saturday of every month

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Cabaret Magnifiqué

Step into the historic Doubler Dealer speakeasy, hidden beneath the famed Orpheum Theater, for an exquisite evening of award winning, glamorous burlesque, spellbinding circus, daring vaudeville & immersive theatrical delights, alongside lively jazz and ragtime interludes.

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Past Feature Burlesque Shows

Night Moves!
Burlesque You Can Savor!

Enjoy explosive entertainment featuring burlesque bombshells performing to epic jams. Savor every minute of this longform extravaganza starring world renowned favorites at New Orleans' favorite cabaret.


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The Garden Soiree FINALFINAL.jpg
Chanteuse and Champagne
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