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INGENUE REVUE Burlesque Drag Vivacious Miss Audacious Mz. Juno

Ingénue Revue

Brought to you by Mz. Juno & Vivacious Miss Audacious,

Ingénue Revue features burgeoning burlesque, drag & variety acts from fresh faces and crowd favs, monthly (4th Sundays, 10:30pm) at Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Seeking more stage time?

Have a brand new act ready to debut?

Want to stretch your wings and hone your burlesque skills further?

Ingénue Revue is for you!

Open to up and coming performers and established entertainers.

Drag & variety acts welcome.

Our focus is to offer an additional platform for folks to get more stage time, polish up acts, and work with a variety of experience levels in a supportive, professional environment.

Our open application allows you to submit acts & note your availability.

You may submit more acts over time or edit your application if your availability changes.


- We are booking burlesque, drag & variety entertainment (that is in the burlesque/ drag realm)

- Focus is on uplifting the New Orleans performance community & the neighboring region

- Seasoned performers may apply with a brand new act and a signature act

- Applications may be edited at any time

- You may select which dates you are available for within the app

- Applications will be kept on file for consideration for all show dates selected within the quarter

- Availability does not guarantee a spot

- We strive to offer opportunities to as many up and comers as possible

- If selected, you will receive a casting email with details

- If you did not receive an email by the announcement date, not to worry, we will likely be in touch for future dates

- Paid opportunity

- More details within the application

- Shows: 4th Sundays at Hi-Ho Lounge, 10pm door, 10:30pm show


July - September APP deadline is JUNE 14th

You can reach us at with any questions!